Culture and Nature

 Discover our roots, the land that the man of Cuchipuy and the basin of the former Laguna de Tagua Tagua where the Gonfoterio, all in a dynamic and entertaining.

In addition, you will be able to know and marvel with our nature, ecosystems and biodiversity that makes tagua Tagua, a land fertile and fruitful since at least 13,000 years ago.

Archaeological route de tagua Tagua

Route designed and intended to become a real living room outdoor classes, thanks to Tagua Tagua continues to this day numerous cultural and natural sites, ideal for generating spaces for outdoor learning and in direct contact with our naturelaza and ancestral roots.The path can be made to your liking, including all of the sites of interest, or just visiting the most relevant according to the vision or need of the visito

Indigenous cemetery of cuchipuy

Burial mounds located on the banks of the river basin of the Former Laguna de Tagua Tagua, dating back 8070 years before the present and are one of the oldest cultural evidence of our land. 

Inca Construction

The last Inca construction


Tagua Tagua Lagoon school museum (MELT)

The museum is located in the basin of the Former Tagua Tagua Lagoon hosts a great amount of parts, information and illustrations that speak to us of all our rich cultural and natural history.

Piedras Tacitas 

Rock formations intervened by the indigenous people, made with food and ancestral worldview.

Fósiles El Salvador

Evidence dating back millions of years ago, with the existence of sea in Tagua Tagua.

Natural heritage

The diverse and abundant natural heritage Tagua Tagua, makes it an ideal destination to meet and learn from the nature that surrounds us.