Sustainability Policy Añañuca Ecoturismo

We are a company that works in a conscious, always giving relevance and protection to the environment in which we develop our activities. We firmly believe that ecotourism is an effective method for the sustainable development of local communities, and we aim to convert Tagua Tagua in a recognized destination at the national level for the implementation of the sustainable value of their heritage.

It is for this reason that we take the commitment to responsible operations on the basis of the essential pillars of sustainability, generating a positive impact on the environments and attractions, as well as contribute to the socio-cultural and economic development of the communities. Our goal is to educate, raise awareness and strengthen cultural identity.

For all this, Añañuca Ecotourism establishes a commitment that responds to the social and environmental demands that guarantee sustainable development based on the following principles:

against the exploitation of human beings in any of its forms, especially sexual and in particular when it affects children;

provide equal opportunities for members of the local community without discrimination of any kind;

Procure locally and sustainable procurement system, favoring environmentally friendly products with the environment; to

provide the best quality of service as possible;

minimize the negative impact that could have our tourism operations in the environment; to

stimulate the local economy; and to

contribute to the integral development of the community and the local welfare; and to

contribute to the sustainable development of the Tourist destination;

restoration, conservation and protection of natural ecosystems and native biodiversity;

restoration, conservation and protection of cultural heritage;

Minimize the consumption and make efficient use of the aquifer resource and energy efficiency;

Minimize their generation and make a responsible management of waste;

Be an agent of change, encouraging the articulation of key actors in the tourist destination;

encourage customers and suppliers to join in the effort to carry out their activities in a sustainable manner;

it does not affect the well-being of local communities;

provide relevant information, current and genuine to tourists and business travelers;

Respect for local communities and in particular to Members of peoples;

ensure that the efforts of transport operations are more efficient As possible.

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