Who we are


We are the first company of ecotourism of the commune of San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, in the Sixth Region of O'Higgins. We disseminate and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the area, through environmental education and guidance to tourists and visitors of special interests.
For us it is essential to the integration of local businesses that contribute to the chain of tourist services, in order to generate a sustainable development, both in the economic, socio-cultural and environmental.
We seek to investigate, preserve and disseminate the heritage significance of our area, in order to educate, raise awareness and strengthen an ancient cultural identity.


We want to be a company with sustainable approach, with quality services, with the aim of positioning Tagua Tagua heritage as a tourist destination that is recognized at the national level.

Group of ecological and conservation action 


With more than 8 years of work on the research, conservation, development and dissemination of local heritage, we are experts in the field.

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